Intergenerational Mobility in India: New Methods and Estimates Across Time, Space, and Communities (with Paul Novosad and Charlie Rafkin). Conditionally accepted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
Fact sheet for media
→ Winner of the 2022 ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award
Brief interview with NOVAFRICA, podcast discussion with Gautam Nair at CASI (U Penn)
Interactive Delhi mobility map
→ Code for generating bottom half mobility (μ-0-50), all-India town, subdistrict, and district-level local mobility estimates: github:paper-anr-mobility-india
→ Coverage: Mint, Mint, The Wire, The Wire, Scroll, The Indian Express, The Hindu, The Telegraph, Quartz, and The Straits Times
Public seminar organized by Bahujan Economists

Mortality Change Among Less Educated Americans (with Paul Novosad and Charlie Rafkin) Conditionally accepted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
Replication/methods code

Big, Open Data for Development: A Vision for India (with Aditi Bhowmick, Alison Campion, Tobias Lunt, and Paul Novosad). 2022, India Policy Forum 2021, edited by Poonam Gupta, Barry Bosworth, and Karthik Muralidharan. Invite’d paper.
→ Our India Policy Forum session (with discussants and discussion)

Rent-Seeking and Criminal Politicians: Evidence from Mining Booms (with Paul Novosad) July 2021, Review of Economics and Statistics.
→ Coverage: The Economist
→ Blogs: VoxDev and Ideas for India

Development Research at High Geographic Resolution: An Analysis of Night Lights, Firms, and Poverty in India using the SHRUG Open Data Platform (with Toby Lunt, Ryu Matsuura, and Paul Novosad) November 2021, World Bank Economic Review.
→ SHRUG Codebook
→ Download the SHRUG
→ Blog: Ideas for India
→ Coverage: Mint
→ Podcast: Economists on Zoom Getting Coffee

The Ecological Impact of Transportation Infrastructure (with Teevrat Garg and Paul Novosad) July 2020, Economic Journal.

Rural Roads and Local Economic Development (with Paul Novosad) March 2020, American Economic Review.
→ Coverage: Mint, Mint, Mint, Hindu Business Line

Educational Investment Responses to Economic Opportunity: Evidence from Indian Road Construction (with Anjali Adukia and Paul Novosad) January 2020, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

One Step at a Time: Does Gradualism Foster Group Coordination? (with Maoliang Ye, Jie Zheng and Plamen Nikolov) January 2020, Management Science.

Politics and Local Economic Growth: Evidence from India (with Paul Novosad) January 2017, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Other Publications

Representative Estimates of Covid-19 Infection Fatality Rates from Four Locations in India: Cross-sectional Study (with Rebecca Cai, Anup Malani, Paul Novosad, and Vaidehi Tandel) Accepted, BMJ Open.
Op-ed in Mint
The Moving Curve Podcast interview with Paul and me on India’s data deficit

COVID-19 Mortality Effects of Underlying Health Conditions in India: a Modelling Study (with Paul Novosad, Radhika Jain, and Alison Campion) 2020, BMJ Open.

Working Papers

The Long-run Development Impacts of Agricultural Productivity Gains: Evidence from Irrigation Canals in India (with Alison Campion, Douglas Gollin, and Paul Novosad).
→ Coverage: IndiaSpend

In-group Bias in the Indian Judiciary: Evidence from 5 Million Criminal Cases (with Elliott Ash, Aditi Bhowmick, Daniel Chen, Tanaya Devi, Christoph Goessman, Paul Novosad, and Bilal Siddiqi).
→ Non-technical description
→ Our op-eds: Hindustan Times and The Print
→ Coverage: The Indian Express, The Telegraph, Bar and Bench, and The Logical Indian
→ Commentary on the paper in Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)

Work in Progress

Predicting Poverty Using Daytime Imagery (with Tony Duan, Elliott Chartock, Haque Ishfaq, Paul Novosad, Marshall Burke, David Lobell and Stefano Ermon)

The Cost of Distance: Geography and Governance in Rural India (with Karan Nagpal and Paul Novosad)

The Cost of Road Construction in Tanzania (with Martina Kirchberger and Paul Novosad)

Digging for Development: Economic Impacts of Mining Booms (with Paul Novosad)

Permanent Working Papers

Getting Signal from Interval Data: Theory and Applications to Mortality and Intergenerational Mobility (with Paul Novosad and Charlie Rafkin)

Moment Forests (with Denis Nekipelov, Paul Novosad and Stephen P. Ryan). Previous draft: NBER Working Paper No. 22976

The Impacts of Local Control over Political Institutions: Evidence from State Splitting in India (with Paul Novosad)

The Impact of Agricultural Output on Local Economic Activity in India (with Paul Novosad)